Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the Stalled M2Z Spectrum Giveaway

Om posts today on the scuffle surrounding the dormant M2Z Networks proposal for the FCC to give it 20 MHz of unused spectrum, with which M2Z will build a nationwide wireless broadband network. The network will be managed as a wholesale entity and in exchange for the commission's largesse, M2Z will give 5% of its gross revenue to the US treasury. It has also promised out of the gate to adhere to strict decency standards - a premise that plays in some respect to the FCC but also against the thus far intact stance on network neutrality.

GigaOM M2Z Networks Sticks It To The Martin Man �

I suspect that the commission's "inactivity" is directly related to the upcoming 700 MHz auction. Having already introduced an amount of innovation to the auction process going against ATT and Verizon, and given that the auction finally monetizes a swath that was largely given away as a boondoggle, I doubt that Chairman Martin is eager to hand over 20 MHz to a former FCC official throwing more mud in the eye of ATT and Verizon all for some unspecified future return. To act on this one way or another is about as nice as picking up a sharp stick and poking oneself repeatedly in the eye.
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